Club News and Updates

June 15th 2022

As part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, Desford and Peckleton Art Club have been busy compiling a ‘Big Picture’ of the Queen based on the photograph by Cecil Beaton taken in 1953.  Club member, Lorraine Richardson who coordinated the project explained, “a copy of the photograph was enlarged and then I divided the image in to 16 pieces.  A piece of the photograph was given to the members involved in the project and they had two weeks to complete their section”. 

Rebecca Veebel-Williams, who painted one of the pieces, said “when you are working on your own individual piece at time, it starts to look like an abstract painting but the most rewarding thing is the unification of all the painted pieces at the end”.  Each piece consists of a small piece of canvas, pre-cut and then the requirement was to paint in acrylic paint for consistency.  Every section shows the personality of each artist and their interpretation of their square.

The final piece titled, ‘A Life Less Ordinary’ will be exhibited at the Atkins Gallery Open Exhibition in Hinckley which runs from 11th July until 12th August.

The club wanted to mark the occasion of the jubilee and after a discussion, the idea of the Big Picture was formed. 


June 8th 2022

A small group of Club members gathered on a breezy and bright summer’s evening at Peckleton Church, where the choices for sketching and painting were very varied.  The church makes a strong central feature surrounded by its churchyard filled with interesting trees and memorials.  Looking out from the churchyard gave wonderful vistas across the surrounding countryside with sheep and horses in abundance. The nearby farmhouse and outbuildings provided another source of interest. 

The evening light was exceptional, striking long shadows to give strong contrasts and bright colours. Ever-changing, large cumulus clouds brought extra drama to the sky.  Initially, a stiff breeze gave a vibrant feeling of movement within the trees and long grass. The evening ended with a much calmer feel as the sun began to set behind some high cloud.

A brilliant outdoor event at a truly delightful location.

Thank you, John, for setting this up, and to all who have shared their pictures from the evening.

Graham Luker

Lorraine 2.png

May 11th 2022

Visiting artist, David Wilcox, demonstrated a watercolour of a Flamenco dancer. He worked in near A4 size, which was quite large for a watercolour, beginning with background colours to identify the light areas within the picture. Moving around the whole picture, he steadily built up areas of abstract shapes as the form of the dancer slowly emerged. Using a limited palette of mostly reds and purples, the final details were added in.

It was interesting to see him use a very simple set of brushes and paints to produce a very effective and dynamic work.


May 2022 - Exhibition Round-up

We had a very successful Spring exhibition and it was lovely to see so many visitors.  There were lots of positive comments about the quality of work and it was great to see the sun shining and visitors making the most of our pop-up cafe.  

Winner of the 'best in show' public vote was Neil Rollinson, with his beautiful lady in red painting.  this is the second win for Neil as he was also successful in our winter exhibition.  Well done Neil - great work!

Graham Luker's woodland scene was voted 'best picture' by club members and very well deserved too.

Prizes were awarded by Kay Alexander MBE, who joined us on the Sunday.  We thank her very much for attending and helping to congratulate the worthy winners.  Photos below show Neil and Graham receiving their award from Kay Alexander.


Kay Alexander + Neil Rollinson.jpeg
Best in show award (members vote).jpeg
Kay Alexander + Graham Luker.jpeg

February 2022

The club started the New Year with its first visiting artist: Leanne Ellis.  She  demonstrated watercolour with castles as inspiration.   There were techniques of how to create shadows, clouds and the effects of bringing the foreground closer.

It was a great evening and Leanne was very engaging and entertaining in her delivery.  Leanne and her artwork she completed on the night are shown below.


leanne ellis.jpg
leanne ellis castle.jpg