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David Wright

I am completely self-taught and have been drawing and painting since an early age, but I did not develop my talent straight away.  An engineering career developed and I became a Professional Chartered Engineer.  In 1994 my interest in drawing and painting was rekindled.


Mostly, I draw my inspiration from the landscape where the making of a sketch or a painting allows me to connect with the location, its surroundings and mood.  I'm always trying the capture light, shade, mood and atmosphere; with light being the most important element.  Be that on buildings, structures or the sparkle of reflected light from the

sea, rivers or puddles. This passion has driven me to favour coastal and estuary scenes where the light quality always appears superior.


I work in oil, watercolours, acrylic and sometimes a combination to create a mixed media, but I have a preference for watercolours, enjoying the challenge of the difficult, free flowing medium where timing and getting the tone right first-time is critical to achieve the freshness of the finished painting.

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